From Torchbearers to Trailblazers

"...Such a fantastic book has been authored by Shashank. There is so much that Tata knows that the world needs to know, especially young employees who join us and those who wish to do business with us. It's timely that in the 150th year of the Tata Group, its ethos is captured by somebody who has spoken to over 100 leaders across group companies about what the group has done to them and the society."

Bhaskar Bhat
Managing Director, Titan Company

"I wish to congratulate Shashank on this book. I believe we as Indians need to figure out where we come from and where we need to go. In the fast-moving world, we need to have our bearings right and our roots identified. New scholars like Shashank are doing a wonderful job in telling our history in an articulate way."

Ashish Chauhan
Managing Director, Bombay Stock Exchange

‘What a terrific book! The Tata Businesses have articulated a stakeholder philosophy 100+ years before it was “(re)discovered” in the West. This book is a great example of why we need more business history that is global. And, it serves as an icon for how we can learn from how businesses can work all over the world.’

R. Edward Freeman,
University Professor, The Darden School, University of Virginia, USA

‘The story of the house of Tata inspires us by showing that service and success can go hand-in-hand especially amidst turbulence and change. Shashank does this story much justice.’

Tarun Khanna,
Professor, Harvard Business School;
Author, Trust: Creating the foundation for entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

‘This book highlights the Tata principles of business and their success strategies by analysing the potential and performance of business in India over the last 150 years. From colonial rule to independence; and from License Raj to the dawn of globalization – the Tata Saga has been deeply interwoven with the destiny of a resurgent nation. Dr. Shah narrates this great story with passion and a deep sense of purpose. If there was one book to be read about the Tata Group, this would be worth the time.’

Dipak C Jain,
President (European), China Europe International Business School, Shanghai; formerly Dean, INSEAD (France) and Kellogg School of Management (USA)

‘This book provides a fascinating overview of the story of India’s most admired group as a torchbearer of industrial capitalism for 150 years. Through a simple narrative, exciting stories, and insightful analysis, Dr. Shah decodes the Tata way of business that has enabled them to emerge as a trailblazer on the global platform. A definitive book on the subject, and a must-read for all who wish to build successful businesses with a social conscience.’

Debashis Chatterjee,
Professor and Director, IIM Kozhikode;
Author, Invincible Arjuna

‘As India’s biggest business group since records began in 1939, the Tata Group has an incredibly rich history of growth and successes, of mysteries and failures spread over 150 years. Dr Shashank Shah’s paring and peeling of the Tata Group into seven sections with a clear relationship between the parts is remarkable. I am sure his readers and students will appreciate the crispness of the omnibus that is 'The Tata Group: From Torchbearers to Trailblazers'.’

Dr Gita Piramal,
Business Historian; Author, Business Maharajas

"The book is an in-depth analysis of the origin and development of the Tata Group and the focus on synthesis of business and ethics that are its hallmark. References to eminent executives’ stories on how they all played their respective roles in the development of the Tata Group’s corporate growth and its culture, anecdotes connected with them, makes the book educative as well as entertaining."

Anil Gokak, IAS (Retd.),
Former Vice Chancellor, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

"I want to compliment Shashank for this wonderful book. To capture the rich history of India and its industrialization is a terrific job. This book will inspire youngsters to look at business from a different perspective and learn how business and nation building can go together. This book will do a lot of good for every one of us for building a new India going forward."

Mukundan Ramakrishnan
Managing Director & CEO, Tata Chemicals

"Shashank has written an excellent book. For me, it is a vindication of the Tata way of life and the Tata model of wealth creation."

KRS Jamwal
Executive Director, Tata Industries

"This book is a very good account of what the Tata Group stands for and what it has done over the last 150 years, especially how it has changed itself over the last quarter century. Shashank also steps back and pulls up very good learnings that can be applied in the current business environment. The book is very easy to read and brings forth the values of the group in a very lucid manner."

Girish Wagh
President, Tata Motors

‘A commendable, riveting account of impeccable integrity, grit, passion and perseverance that defines the Tata Group, an iconic brand synonymous with visionary leadership and ethical, inspirational business practices. That torch lit almost two centuries ago, continues to blaze a trail worthy of accolade and emulation!’

Venu Srinivasan,
Chairman and Managing Director, TVS Motor Company and Sundaram-Clayton; Director, Tata Sons Board

‘Tata is a microcosm of India: gyroscopically balanced, colloidally stable, complex, large, highly diverse, yet unified by a soft glue. This book suggests the secret formulation of the soft glue that has helped Tata remain as India’s number 1 corporate for over eighty years, ever since corporate rankings have been measured in India. I found it a great read!’

R. Gopalakrishnan,
formerly Director, Tata Sons and Vice Chairman, Hindustan Unilever; Author, A Biography of Innovations: From Birth to Maturity

‘Dr. Shashank Shah narrates the Tata story with great passion. You will find in this book a broad sweep of Tata history, and a wealth of interesting anecdotes, which beautifully illustrate the character of the Tata Group. The author has revisited many crossroads and brings to vivid life many defining moments which will inspire you, and also make you reflect. You will thoroughly enjoy the interesting stories, the engaging narration and the invaluable lessons which this book holds for all of us.’

Harish Bhat,
Brand Custodian, Tata Sons; Author, Tata Log and The Curious Marketer

‘Tata is not just India’s largest conglomerate, but one of the world’s most important businesses. In ‘The Tata Group: From Torchbearers to Trailblazers’ Shashank Shah has written the definitive history of the enterprise that spearheaded India’s new era of globalisation, while also providing a colourful account of how it will play a critical role in the country’s economic future.’

James Crabtree,
Associate Professor, National University of Singapore; former Mumbai Bureau Chief, Financial Times; Author, The Billionaire Raj

"Dr. Shashank has produced a remarkable, truly fast-paced, intense research-based, gripping story book. I could relate to a number of its impactful messages based on my time with the Tata Group. What comes through vividly in almost each of the 400 pages is the fundamental culture and the hierarchy of priorities for the Tata Group built over 125 years. Purpose and Values at the very top, Country needs next, followed by Employee welfare and only thereafter, ending with Performance and Profits last. Cannot wait for his next book!”

Sreeram Iyer,
Global Chief Operating Officer, ANZ Bank