Soulful Corporations

Praise For Soulful Corporations

“The Book is very timely as many corporates are looking for a road map for CSR, in the light of regulatory compulsions on CSR spending. I compliment the authors for undertaking this journey into the world of CSR and providing valuable lessons not only for business and management professionals but also for the academia.”

Venu Srinivasan
Chairman and Managing Director, TVS Motor Company Ltd.

“‘Soulful Corporations’ is a comprehensive work on CSR, corporate philanthropy and social engagement of business. Most of the contents and prescriptions in this leadership to me pre-dates even Michael Porter's theory on shared value and is a deep, original insight into where organizations and individual souls intersect in finding their true purpose together.”

Arun Kumar
Managing Director, UBS (India) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

“The Book presents the findings of a multilayer research project in the form of a reference book for academics, researchers, policy-makers, business leaders, and CSR practitioners. It attempts to cater to the needs of international readership, but is rooted in the Indian experience spanning many millennia of wisdom and scholarship, practice and preaching, processes and procedures worthy of emulation by business executives.”

Professor Gabor Kovács, Business Ethics Center
Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary

“This Book is a landmark contribution to unfold some of the facets of the relationship between human values and business management.”

Anil Gokak (IAS-Retd.)
Former Managing Director, Food Corporation of India

“The Book is of profound value to those involved with CSR, be it academicians, corporations, NGOs, or government bodies. This books looks at CSR from a values-based perspective wherein the fundamental values of human life can provide the much desired balance between social wellbeing and corporate profitability.”

Hariom Manchiraju
Faculty, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

“This excellent book makes a profound contribution… It makes for a remarkable compilation of concepts, theories and case studies of outstanding Indian businesses and their leaders, and how they have engaged in creating value for the community… The implicit message of the book is that a business must engage in CSR because it is a good thing to do, not because it will lead to profits or enhance one’s reputation. That’s where this book is different from many very good books on CSR written by western authors which all start with strategy and profits first and turn to higher aims next. There is a refreshing reversal of order in this book… Soulful Corporations is a refreshing take on spirituality. The authors free it of the moral burden of responsibility, but instead embellish it with happiness and joy that comes out of creating a better world and society for all, the owners, the workers, the consumers, and the community. The book could not have come at a better time.”

V. Kasturi Rangan
Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing
Co-Chairman, Social Enterprise Initiative, Harvard Business School, USA
Co-Author of ‘Business Solutions for the Global Poor: Creating Social and Economic Value

“In India, many companies are successfully undertaking Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities not because of the law, but because of their own mission. Against this background, ‘Soulful Corporations’ is significantly relevant. The Book is informative, interesting and worth reading.”

Mohan V. Tanksale
Chief Executive, Indian Banks’ Association, Mumbai
Former Chairman and Managing Director, Central Bank of India

“Leadership may have to do more with enabling stakeholders to co-create a purpose for profit, to create a purpose for earnings and incomes at a personal level and to recognise that earnings, incomes or profits are means, only means!! It is towards this challenging and eventful values-based journey that the Book is a significant contribution.”

Anant Nadkarni
Former Vice President – Group Corporate Sustainability

Tata Council for Community Initiatives, Mumbai

“This is a fabulous book indeed. I think this mammoth composition will create a profound impact for CSR activities in India and world over.”

Late Jatin Desai
Former CEO, The DeSai Group, USA
Author of ‘Innovation Engine